Out-Executing the Competition

Building and Growing a Financial Services Business in Any Economy

  • Part autobiography, part how-to guide, Out-Executing the Competition tells Rothman’s personal journey from modest middle class roots in Bayonne, N.J., to the corner office. Along the way, he explains exactly how he and his teams were able to:

    • Lead the transformation that enabled AT&T Capital to become the second-largest leasing company in the U.S.
    • Build Compaq Financial Services (CFS) from its greenfield inception in 1997 into a global force with over $3.7 billion in assets
    • Create HP Financial Services by combining two disparate captive finance companies after the merger of HP and Compaq

    Out-Executing the Competition truly reads like a mentor’s handbook, offering all of the brass tacks advice that any executive or business owner can implement into their management and leadership style.

    From Rothman’s experiences, readers will learn how to:

    • Develop and implement the right business plan to fit their company’s strategic goals
    • Hire the right people, mold them to become part of a high performance team
    • Expand at a reasonable rate, and know when to say “no” to a deal
    • Develop a global presence and utilize regional resources to accelerate market readiness
    • Integrate workforces effectively during a merger/takeover scenario
    • Be prepared for the worst-case-scenario and position their companies for the best possible recovery result

    With Out-Executing the Competition, Irv Rothman aims to enrich the professional growth and understanding for current and future generations of business professionals. By offering recollections from his personal career and insight into his own particular brand of leadership and strategic philosophy, Rothman can assist them as they build and manage successful businesses.

    If you want your company to achieve objectives that seem distant and unattainable, Out-Executing the Competition provides a no-nonsense roadmap to crafting a proactive and comprehensive business strategy, philosophy, and managerial approach.

  • In this autobiographical book, Irv Rothman provides a set of simple, yet highly effective practices that leaders can use to successfully navigate their firms in these turbulent times. Das Narayandas, ​James J. Hill Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

    You can’t sell from an empty wagon.’ Irv Rothman fills his wagon, personally and professionally, for his (and our) stunning success. He proves, while giving data its due, judgment is the glue. Hide this book from the competition. Jack R. Harrison, ​Pulitzer-Winning Writer and Retired New York Times Company Vice President

    As we pick up the pieces of the worst economic period in nearly a hundred years, struggle with spectacular public errors of judgment and propriety in our business leaders, "out executing" reinforces the importance of involving the people (colleagues) in your business to maximize customer focus and business results. In this fast changing landscape, Irv reminds us, of what is most important for those who want to, need to and must succeed. Keith J. Kendall, ​Co-President and Chief Operating Officer, MonoSol Rx

    Through the author’s perspective as a successful businessman and organizational thought leader, Out-Executing the Competition is a unique tale of leadership and one person’s drive to excel in the face of economic peril and life’s personal and professional challenges. Ralph Petta, ​Chief Operating Officer, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association

    In a style that is uniquely his own, Irv Rothman reminds us of the time tested keys to success, including hard work that leaders should incorporate into their approach even today. Wayne Robinson, ​Retired, Managing Director, Wachovia Capital Finance

    Through his own life experiences and his perspective as a successful CEO during “boom and bust,” the author provides an enjoyable tutorial on hard-nosed, results-oriented leadership and management in the highly competitive world of equipment finance. William G. "Woody" Sutton, ​CAE, President and CEO, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association

    Irv blends a delightful mix of moxie, observation, and quest for self-improvement in a fast paced, yet engrossing tale of business success and leadership. His entertaining prose style is perfectly reflective of his management style—bold, confident, and one of a kind. Wonderfully anecdotal, there is much to be gleaned from this compendium of experiences by a down to earth CEO who has outperformed over an exemplary career in finance. Robert H. Clymer III, ​Managing Director, Berenson & Company

    ​Irv Rothman and I have been business associates and good friends for over 25 years--I thought I knew the man well. But, through Irv's book I learned a lot more about him, including his exceptional organizational, motivational and negotiating expertise. This is a must read for those wishing to greatly enhance their management skills and techniques. Larry Prendergast, ​Retired VP and Treasurer, AT&T