Out of Chaos Comes Opportunity. Maybe.

Filed under Blog on Thursday December 12, 2012

As my good friend and longtime colleague, Dan McCarthy, likes to say “out of chaos comes opportunity.” I couldn’t agree more. The question is, are you in a position to take advantage of the situation immediately or are you, yourself battling headwinds that require remedial measures first?

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Do You Belong in the Gutsball Hall of Fame?

Filed under Blog on Thursday October 10, 2012

There are a couple of reasons we chose to call this “The Gutsball Blog.” One is that “Gutsball” was the working title for my book (nka “Out Executing The Competition”) until the publisher had other ideas and I had a felt need to use the term somewhere, somehow. But I’d like to think the most important reason is that the ability to play gutsball is a characteristic common to most real leaders. In scanning through my previous blogs, you’ll see that leadership and what makes for great leadership is a rather recurring theme.

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Business Cycle Realities

Filed under Blog on Tuesday September 9, 2012

This may spark a reaction in some circles (e.g. the Obama Administration?), but I do not believe we are in the midst of so much as a mild economic recovery. U.S. unemployment is over 8%, Europe is a mess; even those juggernauts of growth, India and China are experiencing stalled economies. In years past, it was said that “when the U.S. sneezes, the world catches a cold.” That’s arguable today, but for whatever the reasons, most of the globe seems to have come down with the flu and it’s been spread around by a number of countries with symptoms.

What do business leaders do? What are the tactics for weathering the storm? Ensuring survival? Maintaining morale?

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