Gutsball Services

Learn to play Gutsball from the man who invented the game with a high touch Mastery Group, team Workshop, or an organization-wide Keynote. Each opportunity not only brings Irv’s decades of experience directly to your office, but is specifically customized to meet the unique size and circumstances of your organization. Now C-Suite executives and first time leaders alike can engage first hand with the mindsets, skills, and lessons that made Rothman an industry titan and learn the secrets behind effective risk taking, out-executing the competition, and gaining that competitive advantage.


Speaking topics:

  • Straight from the CEO: Does your business model invite or impede innovation?
  • Play Gutsball: Out-execute the competition.


Customer Satisfaction, Employee Autonomy, and Competitive Advantage

  • Explains the central importance of customer service in an era of rapid and complex global change.
  • Identifies the qualities of the Gutsball organization and compares this organization with a typical command-and-control organization.
  • Teaches techniques for leaders and employees to cultivate reasoned business judgment in their organization.

Gutsball Leadership

A tutorial for leaders on:

  • Designing organizational principles and structures to facilitate employees’ use of reasoned business judgment.
  • Role modeling Gutsball behavior for employees.
  • The importance of ethics and consistency for improving organizational trust.

Bringing Reasoned Business Judgment into Your Work and Life

Shows employees how to:

  • Overcome fear and rise to the occasion in their work and lives
  • Work with others in a collaborative and trustworthy way

Mastery Groups

Leadership Mastery Groups

  • High-touch one-on-one and group coaching sessions for senior leaders and high-potential candidates. Available online and in-person.
  • Learn the organizational design structures and principles necessary to lead a Gutsball organization and how to implement these structures and principles.
  • Learn the mindsets and skills necessary to lead your employees consistently and in a trustworthy manner, so that they can play Gutsball.

Individual and Group Coaching

  • Available over multiple modalities and formats
  • Through conversation with a Gutsball facilitator, individuals and groups learn how to exercise autonomy and discover ownership of their jobs. Individuals and groups can also discuss particular business issues with their coach in order to use reasoned business judgment to overcome them.